Friday, July 15, 2011

Waterbom PIK

Last Tuesday, me, my mum, Cheyenne (my fatty girl cousin) and friends went to Waterbom PIK.

L to R: Akew, Khrisna, Dan-gun, Radhit, Cheyenne, Me, Tya, Erin

my fatty cousin. guess, how old she is?
We played A LOT at Waterbom. HAHAHA. *masa kecil kurang bahagia, eh?*
We played Hair Pin, Twister, etc. *actually, I just remember both of 'em*
You guys should play Twister!!! That's the best slide I've ever tried!! Especially with the fat kid, wuiihhhh, you would feel "it".

Ah, me forgot. Yeyen was mad at Khrisna because of his late to Waterbom. HAHA. Not that mad, she was just kidding.
And Yeyen told the boys that they were ugly just like monkeys. What the hell! Six years old girl could say that! Amazed, eh? And she always splashed the boys and hit them. AHAHAHA. I didn't know why, because she didn't do any thing with us, the girls.

I enjoyed it so much, going around the pool with the swimming tire, leyeh-leyeh.... sorry I didn't know the translation of leyeh-leyeh.

When we took a rest, of course we did photoshoo! Wohoow!

Tya, Me, Erin
Akew, Radhit, Dan-gun, Khrisna

And this was the HAHAHAHAHAHAHA moment.......

Do you guys see that? Khrisna's face was SO PERVERT! HAHAHAHA The girls posed with him. It was like, he was the pervert guy and we were the slaves, OMGosh +.+ ahahah but that's funny!

And that's the story of our little swimming time :p