Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lunch From PIM to PI

Last Friday, I had my 18th birthday ahahaha on July 8th....
Last month on June 20th, I asked kak Ranggani Puspandya if she could eat with me to celebrate my birthday. And she said okay. I thought it was just only me and her because I was just too afraid to asked kak Ius, but suddenly she asked me if kak Darius Sinathrya could come or not. I thought, kirain gw doang berdua ternyata ada kak Ius hihi baiklah. And I said okay that's fine. It'd be fun though.

Before I tell my story, do you guys know Ranggani Puspandya Banuarti? People call her Arnie, She's a beautiful young woman. She's half sundanese-balinese. She's SO TALL *hiks, gw kalah tinggi parah*. She's a model, actress, tv presenter, news reader, freelancer, etc. She is known as Dayu at the movie 'Red and White Trilogy'.

And you guys must be know Darius Sinathrya Kartoprawiro. Am I right?. ahahaha. Well, some people call him Ius *just like what I've heard from kak Sara & kak Arnie*.


I went out from my house by 11 AM. I went to TIS. Traffick jack hit me. I was like kyaaaaa oh shoot traffick jam aaa!!! It was like that. Finally I arrived at TIS and I bought Caffe Misto from Starbucks and waiting for kak Arnie to pick me up. Finally she showed up and we went to PIM.

Firstly, I asked kak Arnie to eat at Plaza Indonesia. She's fine with it because she had to meet a friend of her. But, suddenly we changed the place. Why? Because... "Ada yang manja nih." kata kak Arnie, yang tak lain dan tak bukan ada kak Ius. hahaha well, it's okay though. But unfortunately, I didn't know where PIM was because last time I went there on June 20th and it was like the first time for me and my friend accompanied me to there. Then I asked kak Arnie if she could pick me up and thank God, she could. We talked and laughed a lot. We shared about our experiences, about our high school time, about human racism, etc.

As soon as we arrived at PIM, we went to food court or whatever it was called, I didn't know. And we chose Bakerzin. I ordered Aglio Olio pasta. It was really hot and spicy. huh hah huh hah damn it! And finally kak Ius showed up. Then they started to talk about jobs which I didn't understand. I felt intimidated though. Kak Ius told us about his restaurant, his band, politics, etc. He told me to be careful for I have chosen the Faculty of Law as my study. They both gave me some advices which was really helpful *thank you kakak2!*.

Kak Arnie and I
Kak Ius and I *self camera by kak Ius*
Three of us *self camera by kak Ius*

After the lunch, kak Ius went to get back to work, kak Arnie and I went to Plaza Indonesia because she had to meet her friend. While she was driving, again we talked a lot. She told me about her funny mother. Haha. She made me wanted to see her mother and father. :p *you guys should hear her story!* Then we arrived at PI. while they were hanging out together, I went to Aksara and searching for Persuasion which kak Sara told me to read it. But they didn't have it. I confused. Too much books I wanted to buy. Well, finally I chose 'Sejarah Perempuan Indonesia' by Cora Vreede-de Stuers. Oh! I also buy Starbucks' Smoked Beef Quiche for my dinner ahahaha. Then, kak Arnie and I went home.

Sejarah Perempuan Indonesia: Gerakan dan Pencapaian by Cora Vreede-de Stuers

On our way to home, again we shared and talked a lot. About her best friend, my friends, anything lah. That's so much fun! I got a lot of stories and information.

kak Arnie, Me, kak Ius

And that's my story yesterday.. ;)