Monday, July 25, 2011

Trip to Northern Thousand Islands

Last friday, we went to Northern Thousand Islands.

I went out from my house by 5 o'clock and my uncle drove me so slowly............. shoot. By 5.34, kak Arnie texted my she's on her way to Muara Angke. As soon as we arrived at Muara Angke, we stucked in traffick jam. So, we decided to take a walk. OH MY GOSH. TEMPATNYA SUPER BECEK, SENDAL GUA KOTOR CUY EH GILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. But it's fine lah.

Our boat was "Dolphin". A big boat and super full of people. SUPER HOT. Rasanya mau gila di dalam kapal super panas dan pengap. Pake dangdutan juga pula......... gilak. Berhubung itu trip untuk umum, awalnya gw sama kak Arnie belom kenal siapa2 di kapal..
kak Arnie was sleeping on the boat hahahaha
Then we arrived at "Harapan" Island. Sorry I totally forgot to take the picture of "Harapan" Island sign. But I got this.
above: the slogan, below: the "Harapan" Island 
As soon as we arrived, we put our luggages in the home stay. I shared room with kak Arnie & kak Indira (Dira).
a: kak Arnie, b: kak Dira
Then, together with our people (?), we went to.... I totally can't remember the name of the island. Sorry dude :p
on the boat, menuju pulau whatever the name is :p
when we arrived, I really didn't want to jump into the sea. but....... kak Arnie MENGHASUT SAYA. DAN BERHASIL. KARENA SAYA INI ADALAH PECINTA AIR #lho.
kak Arnie, with her style hahaha
on the bridge
Next island, "Tongkeng" island.
"Tongkeng" island sign.
enjoying young coconuts (?) :p
our group! kak Riri, kak Dethi, Me, kak Arnie, om Handoko, kak Kiki, kak Dira, om Aziz (minus om Umro & om Iqbal)
Next island, "Genteng Kecil" island... We're waiting for the sunset.
waiting for the sunset
And here it is the sunset! Not really the sunset but.... :p
After the sunset, we got back to our home stay and eat.... Barbeque time! :p sorry I didn't have the photos.

On the next day, we went snorkeling!
And that's the end of our trip. Sorry I couldn't talk to much. I have told you, I speak better through pictures. Hehehehehe......
After all, you guys should go to the islands too! It's funny and interesting. Totally fun! We meet new people, new friends. And that's good! :D