Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dirty Birthday Surprise

Last Friday (July 8th), was my birthday. That was the best birthday EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go...

In the morning, I was lying on my bed, I didn't feel like doing anything. I didn't expect my friends would come for I had told my mum to not let them come. I was listening to U Fm 94.7 Radio Station. And suddenly...

I heard my friends shouted outside my house. My heart beat fast. Omgosh. I didn't know what to do. I went downstairs and opened the gate for them.
Well, I felt so... kyaaaa my friends, they came for my birthday :")
Suddenly, Venny got my eyes closed and told me to blow up the candles. But I didn't feel the heat from the candles nor the smell of the cake. But, I smell flour!!!!!

Venny closed my eyes, Radhit held the flour +.+

Well, then..... I finally blew the flour and that's the beginning of DIRTY SURPRISE..........
They gave me flour, fanta, ketchup and eggs!! GOSH!! The smell was SO BAD. I couldn't stand it, and finally I cried because of my dirty hair.

 well, just see the picture, I can't say anything. SPEECHLESS. How cruel they were!

and finally, the time had come for me to really blow up the candles....

Tya held the cake
Yeay! Finally officially 18!

First cherry for my best mate, Tya :D
Dan-gun and I

Tya and I

Left to right: Khrisna, Me, Radhit, Venny, Tya, Jean, Kelvin, Amel, Jesbin, Erin
 After the DIRTY SURPRISE, I took a bath. Erin and Jean washed my hair.......

Finally, I could eat my birthday cake hahahahahaha...

 And that's the tragic little story of my dirty birthday surprise. HAHAHA. Thank you, guys! You guys made me cry and happy at the same time! I will never ever forget it!