Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last Friday (July 8, 2011) was my birthday *again* haha, I had a dinner with kak Rahayu Saraswati to celebrate my birthday.
People call her Sara. Do you know her? Well, this is a little information about her...
She's a beautiful young woman, actress, dancer, singer, enterpreneur, philanthropist, and the follower of Jesus Christ. She's the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hashim Djojohadikusumo. She's known as Senja at the movie Red and White Trilogy.

First, I went to Ruko Permata Senayan, behind Senayan City. She was taking photoshoot for a magazine, iCreate. When I entered the photo studio, she smiled at me and said, "Happy birthday!" I felt so happy though :D She looked so pretty. You guys should see her on her photoshoot!! She was stunning and gorgeous. And she could control her face so good. I was so amazed. Really. While waiting for her, I was starring at the stylist of her make-up named Billy. He was so funny!!!! And I guess he loves to dance. He danced for every song for even just a bit. Hihihihi. And because of him, now I'm addicted to Britney Spears' Till The World Ends. Oh boy.... but that's okay, I enjoy it :p
After the photoshoot, we went to Plaza Senayan. We talked a lot in her car. I told her about my dirty birthday surprise and she laughed so hard. HAHA. She said that's the moment which I could never forget. And she has never felt it.

Then we reached Plaza Senayan and went to Sushi-Tei. But as usual, we had to wait before we could take a seat, so we went to Disc Tara. I searched for Stan Getz but they didn't have it and kak Sara bought 3 CDs, one of 'em is Charice Pempengco's newest album.

We got back from Disc Tara and finally we got our seat. She confused about the food. She didn't know which food should she pick. Not because she never ate at Sushi-Tei, she was just confused. She ordered Negitoro-don but unfortunately it ran out of its sauce. hihihi. Bad luck. Then she ordered mini salmon don and I ordered mini tekka don. oh ya, she also told me about a soup which I had never tasted it until that day. And that was good! I liked it so much. Before we started to eat, I asked her to pray for me. Then we started to eat....

And suddenly kak Mala came, she's a friend of kak Sara and I like her. She's so much fun and talkative, just like kak Sara. She asked kak Sam (kak Sara's manager) to accompany her, looking for some stuff.

Me and kak Sara talked A LOT. She told me about Reverend Karina, and everything. I got so much advice and information from her, which was really really helpful.
In the middle of our talking, the waiter came and gave me 2 presents. I didn't know the person who gave me that. I thought Sushi-Tei gave it to me for free, kak Sara thought it from my secret admirer. w00t w00t.

Again, in the middle or our talking, the waitress came and told me that my mum called me. So I went outside to call her and suddenly.... 

Gracia: It was 6:30PM and we went to Sushi Tei again, to make sure that Thea and Kak Sara were there. So, we asked the lady for the name Thea. It turned out that Thea was already inside. Lalo then look inside for Thea, so we know where she's sitting. Lalo almost got busted, but good thing Thea and Kak Sara were praying. Lalo ran back outside and we decided to leave the present and the birthday card with the waiter. We went to grab dinner, while they had dinner.
I wasn't in the mood to eat, I just wanted the bday surprise to go smoothly.
When we got back to the waiting room, the waiter whom we gave the present to, said that they were eating. Knowing that it was taking a long time, I decided to go around and also look for a trash can. When I was walking back to Sushi Tei, there was Thea running outside towards me. Right that moment I wanted to run away, but she was opening her arms and it would be kinda weird if I ran. So, I checked if Lalo was still with the muffin. There she was sitting next to the muffins and looking as shocked as I am. Thea was trying to call her Mom and she asked if I wanted to meet Kak Sara. I was feeling so confused, guilty, and nervous at the same time. Confused, cause it seems Thea doesn't know that we're giving her a surprise. Guilty, cause if I didn't walk around, there's a slight chance I would ruin the surprise.

kak Sara and I, how beautiful she was (is) :")

Gray, Lalo and I

Lalo, Me, kak Sara and Gray

SUPERCREATIVEBirthdayCard from Lalo and Gray, how sweet :")
After all, we had a great timeAnd that's the sweet little story of my birthday dinner and my silly birthday surprise. What a priceless moment! Me love you guys so much!!! <3